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Quantum teleportation simulated using Q3.

Q3 is a Mathematica application to help study quantum information processing, quantum many-body systems, and quantum spin systems. It provides various tools and utilities for symbolic and numerical calculations in these areas of quantum physics.

Q3 consists of several packages at different levels. Quisso, Fock, and Wigner are the three main packages, and they are devoted to the simulation of quantum information processing, quantum many-body systems, and quantum spin systems, respectively. They are based on two other lower-level packages, Pauli and Cauchy. Pauli itself provides useful tools to handle Pauli operators directly, but it also defines programming structures and objects for the aforementioned three and other higher-level packages. Cauchy, at the lowest level, defines the programming structure of the whole application. But it can also be used individually to facilitate complex analysis.


Q3 supports automatic installation (and update) from a remote repository at GitHub. See the Installation Guide.

Quick Start

Once the application is installed, put

"Q3" or "Q3/guide/Q3"

in the search field of the Wolfram Language Documentation Center (Mathematica help window) to get detailed technical information about the application.

Note that after installing the application, the first time you search a keyword in Wolfram Language Documentation Center (help window), Mathematica builds the search index of the new documentation files. It can take a few seconds to minutes depending on your computer. It happens only once (everytime you update the application), though.