Choi, Mahn-Soo

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Mahn-Soo Choi, a professor of physics at Korea University. If you want a higher resolution photo, click it.

Basic Research Lab (BRL) of Solid-State Qubits

Professor of Physics
Department of Physics
Korea University
최만수 교수 (고려대학교 물리학과)

Mahn-Soo Choi studied at POSTECH both for undergraduate and graduate studies and acquired his PhD in physics from POSTECH in 1998. After postdoctoral fellowships at Seoul National University (6 months) and at University of Basel in Switzerland (1+1/2 years) and a research fellowship at Korea Institute for Advanced Study (KIAS), he joined the Faculty of Physics at Korea University in 2002 as an assistant professor and became a full professor in 2010.

Research Interests

He is working on quantum information theory and theoretical condensed-matter physics. He seeks physical principles and methods for coherent manipulation of quantum states of mesoscopic systems, and studies the effects of such manipulation on various phenomena including quantum transport and quantum information processing. Specifically, topics of his particular interest include quantum transport in mesoscopic and nanoscale systems, transport properties of topological mattes, dynamics of topological states of matter, spin qubits on quantum dots, superconducting qubits, and circuit quantum electrodynamics.

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