Back to School with AI tools and Wolfram

From QCLab

Farid Pasha (Wolfram Research Inc.)

With advances in generative AI and new chat-enabled notebooks, the available set of AI educational tools has greatly expanded. How can you best use these new tools to enable learning? This session demystifies the technology behind generative AI in order to ground the conversation and explore how new tools create new opportunities for educators and students. We will look at new workflows and share practical tips for working in chat-enabled Wolfram Notebooks.

About the Speaker

Farid Pasha joined Wolfram Research in 2011 as a member of the International Business Development group, where he works with customers in Southeast Asian countries and the South Africa and Pakistan regions. Prior to joining Wolfram Research, he worked for ten years in the oil and gas industry.

Farid provides Mathematica® trainings and seminars at universities, community colleges, and high schools in his region. He is experienced in working with educators on how to integrate Mathematica® into their courses.