Ultra-high-Q resonator on a silicon chip and its applications

From QCLab
Prof. Hansuek Lee (KAIST)
  • Speaker: Prof. Hansuek Lee (KAIST)
  • Date: Wednesday, April 26, 2017, at 17:00
  • Place: Jungho Seminar

Special Condensed Matter Seminar invited by Prof. Donghun Lee

Ultra-high-Q optical resonators have played an important role over a wide range of research fields including nonlinear optics, cavity optomechanics, quantum information and optical telecommunications. Recently, we demonstrated wedge disk resonators of around 900 million Q on a silicon chip and successful initial works with the resonators to develop narrow line width lasers, reference cavities for frequency stabilization, micro-comb, and stable microwave synthesis. In this talk, these previous works and future research directions on ultra-high-Q resonators and their application will be presented and discussed including works on low-loss waveguides on a silicon chip. In addition, the current efforts to miniaturize optical circuits of ultra-hiqh-Q resonators and low loss waveguides monolithically on a silicon chip will be introduced.