Three dimensional Weyl metallic state in the Bi1-xSbx alloy

From QCLab
  • Speaker: Heon-Jung Kim (Daegu University)
  • Date: Wednesday February 3, 2016 17:00
  • Place: Jeongho Seminar Room


The Bi1-xSbx is a classical system, which has been studied for several decades because of its interesting band structure. Recently, this system has become an intensive focus of research in the context of three-dimensional (3D) topological insulator (TI) since the discovery of its non-trivial topological structure for x > 0.07 [1]. Here we report observations of 3D Weyl metallic state in Bi1-xSbx. For this, we concentrate on a Dirac metallic state at x ~ 0.03, where a topological phase transition occurs from a band insulator for x < 0.03 to the “3D TI” for x > 0.03. When the external magnetic field is applied, this state turns into the Weyl semimetallic state with anomalous transport phenomena [2]. In this talk, we present compelling evidence that these phenomena are manifestations of the chiral anomaly in the Weyl fermions.

[1] Liang Fu and C. L. Kane, Phys. Rev. B 76, 045302 (2007) [2] Heon-Jung Kim et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 111, 246603 (2013).