Spin polarized electrons for future electronics

From QCLab
Dr. Chang, Joonyeon (KIST)
  • Speaker: Dr. Chang, Joonyeon (KIST)
  • Date: May 16, 2017
  • Place: Science Building 433

The conventional electronic devices such as personal computer and mobile phones are primarily based on the control of electron charge in semiconductors. Although the tremendous progress in micro-fabrication technologies has accelerated the miniaturization of electronic devices, the size of devices will soon encounter the fundamental physical limits of that miniaturization. Further scale reduction beyond these limits will require a radical alteration of the concept of functional devices. Control of the spin degree of freedom of an electron has brought about a new era of integration in electronics over the last ten years, and research in the field of spintronics is currently being pursued extensively due to the potential of this approach for the development of a new direction in electronics. In the talk, I will briefly introduce the background of spintronics followed by spin memory, spin field effect transistor and spin Hall device built on compound semiconductors.