Park, Kwang-Kyoon

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Brief Biography

Kwang-Kyoon Park received his bachelor in physics from Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) in 2011 with magna cum laude. During his bachelor, he was supported by a national scholarship of natural sciences and engineering from Korea Student Aid Foundation. He joined the group of Prof. Yoon-Ho Kim at POSTECH for his PhD in 2011. In this year, he was awarded a Global PhD fellowship from National Research Foundation of Korea.

He is interested in many topics of quantum optics and quantum information. His topic for his PhD is about atom-photon interactions. One of these is about the generation of nonclassical two photons from a cold atomic ensemble. His work was about the generation of spectrally narrowband two photons which can interact with atoms efficiently and engineering frequency-time correlation of the generated photons. He is also working on the measurement of quantum states of photons using classical processes. Another topic of the atom-photon interactions is about a quantum memory of photons. By using the electromagnetically-induced transparency effect, he has been working on the mapping of photonic states into atomic states coherently. By expanding this work, he is going to challenge the single-photon-level nonlinear interaction by reducing the group velocities of photons to zero in the medium.


  1. Generation of entangled photons and quantum memories of photons in cold atomic ensembles