Nanophotonics: strong light-matter interaction

From QCLab
  • Speaker: Prof. Park, Hong-Gyu (Korea Univ)
  • Date: Tuesday December 6, 2016

In this talk, I want to present research progress in my group, including current-injection nanolasers, plasmonic lasers/tweezers, and nanowire photovoltaics/sensors. First, electrically driven photonic crystal lasers [1] and graphene-contact microdisk lasers [2] will be introduced. Second, I will talk about an optically pumped silver-nanopan plasmonic laser with a subwavelength mode volume [3] and low-power nano-optical vortex trapping using plasmonic resonance in gold diabolo nanoantennas [4]. Finally, I will present single-crystalline silicon nanowire photovoltaic devices [5]. Synthesis control of nanowires for enhanced light absorption [6] and a new nanowire platform for one-dimensional bioprobes [7] will also be introduced. I believe that our progress in demonstrating subwavelength nanophotonic devices represents an important step toward fast all-optical processing in an ultra-compact photonic integrated circuit.

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