Maximal nonlocal mixed states for different nonlocal tests

From QCLab
Prof. Changliang Ren (CIGIT, Chinese Academy of Science)
  • Speaker: Prof. Changlian Ren (CIGIT, Chinese Academy of Science)
  • Date: Thursday, December 15, 2016, at 17:00
  • Place: Jungho Seminar Room

Quatum nonlocality as a valuable resource is of vital importance in quantum information processing. The characterization of the resource has been extensively investigated mainly for pure states, while relatively less is know for mixed states. Here we will prove the existence of the optimal Bell inequality violation and GHZ paradox by using a novel and simple method to extract the optimal state that can saturate the trade-off relation between quantum nonlocality and the state purity. In this talk, I will explain some basic definitions of quantum correlation, such as bell nonlocality, steering, entanglement. And then, I will present seevral related research of us.