Kim, Minsoo

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Brief Biography

Minsoo Kim received his Bachelor degree in Physics from POSTECH, department of physics in 2010. Subsequently He joined the group of Prof. Hu-Jong Lee's group at POSTECH as a Ph.D candidate so far.

He is interested in experimental studies on transport properties of layered semiconducting materials (graphene, topological insulator, dichalcogenide and their hetero-structures). Nowadays he is working on the research about quantum phenomena in ballistic graphene quasi-one-dimensional system with gate defined carrier guiding, to achieve electronic quantum optics based on graphene system. He also studies about two dimensional hybrid devices proximity coupled to superconductor, in particular focusing on its phase coherent properties [M. Kim et al., Sci. Rep. 7, 8715 (2015].


  1. Valley-symmetry-preserved quasi-one-dimensional transport in ballistic graphene with gate-defined carrier guiding