Kim, Jehyung

From QCLab
Prof. Kim, Jehyung (UNIST)

Dr. Kim completed his undergraduate studies in Department of Physics from Korea University in 2007 and obtained Ph.D. degree from Department of Physics, KAIST, South Korea in 2014. He was a postdoc (2014) at the same group where he received his Ph.D in 2014. After then he worked as a postdoc researcher in Prof. Edo Waks' group at University of Maryland between 2014~2017. Aug. 2017 he have joined at UNIST, department of Physics and school of Natural Science as an assistant professor.

He has expertise in optical characterization, fabrication, and manipulation of solid-state quantum emitters such as quantum dots. His expertise mainly focuses on solid-state quantum photonics for fundamental studies of quantum optics and realization of integrated quantum devices.