Kim, Jeehoon

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Prof. Jeehoon Kim (POSTECH)

Current Research

  • Development of a new type of scanning probe microscope for imaging magnetic domains with a subnanometer spatial resolution
  • Investigation of exotic magnetic domains in unconventional ferromagnets
  • Investigation of a universal phase diagram in unconventional superconductors by measuring the absolute value of λ
  • Controlled manipulation of magnetic domains by superconduting vortices


  • Ph.D. Experimental condensed matter physics, May 2007
  • M.S. Experimental nuclear physics, Chung-Ang University, May 2000
  • B.S. Physics, Chung-Ang University, February 1997

Professional Experiences

  • Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard University, June 2007 - May 2010
  • Postdoctoral Fellow at Los Alamos National Laboratory, June 2010 - May 2013
  • Staff Scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory, May 2013 - July 2013
  • Assistant Professor at POSTECH, August 2013 - Current


Investigation of superconductivity by magnetic force microscopy