Image reconstruction from the classical correlation via chaotic light

From QCLab
Dr. Joo-Eon Oh (Korea Univ)
  • Speaker: Dr. Joo-Eon Oh (Korea University)
  • Date: Wednesday, July 20, 2016, at 17:00
  • Place: BK21 Seminar Room

Quantum correlation has shown interesting features beyond the classical boundary and proved remarkable possibility as the source of the quantum information and communication. However, since the classical correlation could manifest similar features only predicted from the quantum correlation, it has been implemented in various works such as the atomic ensemble memory or ghost imaging.

In this talk, I briefly introduce the concept of classical correlations as a mimic of quantum correlations (i.e. entanglement). The classical correlation via chaotic light has peculiar aspects in the spatial and temporal domain, which is able to reconstruct images of the complex-shaped object. Furthermore, the classical correlation itself gives another direction to overcome the challenges in the optical imaging field. Through the review of several imaging experiments exploiting the classical correlation, I’ll present distinct advantages of correlation imaging via chaotic light compared with the case of the conventional imaging. It has better imaging resolution beyond the diffraction limit as well as the robustness to the turbidity or atmospheric turbulence.