Generation of entangled photons and quantum memories of photons in cold atomic ensembles

From QCLab
  • Speaker: Kwang-Kyoon Park (POSTECH)
  • Date: Thursday November 5, 2015 16:30
  • Place: BK21 Seminar Rooom

Generation of entangled photons is important for its applications in photonic quantum information science. The well-known method for it is spontaneous parametric down-conversion, which is, however, not compatible with atoms due to its spectrally broadband emission. In this talk, the method for the generation of spectrally narrowband photons via spontaneous four wave mixing in a cold atomic ensemble is going to be discussed. Another topic is about quantum memories of photons. One of promising methods for storing photons is a electromagnetically-induced transparency (EIT) quantum memory. The principle of the EIT effect for coherently mapping photonic excitation into atomic excitation or manipulating the photons coherently is going to be discussed.