Doping in semiconductors and new magnetic phase transitions in metallic P-doped Si

From QCLab
  • Speaker: Hyunsik Im (Dongguk University)
  • Date: Wednesday March 23, 2016 17:00
  • Place: Jeongho Seminar Room

Semiconductors are materials that possess the unique ability to extensively control their electronic nature by adding impurities, and this makes them valuable in applications. How the interplay between disorder and electron-electron interactions affects the electronic phase transition of solids has remained a challenging issue over many years. Here we perform high-precision tunneling DOS spectroscopy measurements in P-doped Si in the quasi-degenerate metallic region. We report on the observation of a new magnetic field-driven phase transition between a magnetic metal and a paramagnetic disordered Fermi liquid.

본 세미나는 도핑 된 반도체 (Si)의 상변화 (phase transition)을 다룬다. 전반부에는 전반적인 Si (P,B)에서의 metal insulator transition에 대해 다루며 후반부는 최근 실험에서 얻은 P 도핑된 metallic Si에서의 tunneling DOS spectra 측정 결과와 물리적인 의미에 대해 발표한다.

Keywords: Disorder, RKKY interaction, Spin density wave (SDW), Tunneling DOS spectroscopy.