Dahlsten, Oscar

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Prof. Oscar Dahlsten (University of Oxford, UK)

Oscar Dahlsten is an associate professor in the department of physics at SUSTech.

He did his Undergraduates and PhD at Imperial College London. Since then he has been at ETH and NUS Singapore. He taught 2/3 of the Advanced Solid State course to 40+ graduate students at NUS in the spring 2011. He was a Research Fellow of Wolfson College and a Lecturer for St Catherine's College at the University of Oxford. Recently he got awarded a Young 1000 Talents Award and joined the SUSTech.

He researches the foundations of quantum theory and statistical mechanics. He looks for better ways of understanding quantum phenomena, often from a quantum information theory perspective. He is one of the pioneers of a new type of statistical mechanics called single-shot statistical mechanics where one focusses on guaranteed behaviours rather than average behaviours, a distinction which is particularly important in nano and quantum regimes.


  1. Phase phenomena in probabilistic theories
  2. Relation between work and information