Dahlsten, Oscar

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Prof. Oscar Dahlsten (University of Oxford, UK)

Oscar Dahlsten is a Research Assistant Professor at the University of Oxford.

He did his Undergraduates and PhD at Imperial College London. Since then he has been at ETH and NUS Singapore. He taught 2/3 of the Advanced Solid State course to 40+ graduate students at NUS in the spring 2011. Presently he is moreover a Research Fellow of Wolfson College and a Lecturer for St Catherine's College.

He researches the foundations of quantum theory and statistical mechanics. He looks for better ways of understanding quantum phenomena, often from a quantum information theory perspective. He is one of the pioneers of a new type of statistical mechanics called single-shot statistical mechanics where one focusses on guaranteed behaviours rather than average behaviours, a distinction which is particularly important in nano and quantum regimes.


  1. Phase phenomena in probabilistic theories