Antibunching in an optomechanical oscillator.

From QCLab
Prof. HyoJun Seok (Kongju Nat. Univ.)
  • Speaker: Prof. HyoJun Seok (Kongju Nat. Univ.)
  • Date: Wednesday, March 29, 2017, at 17:00
  • Place: BK Seminar Room

Special Condensed Matter Seminar invited by Prof. Donghun Lee

We theoretically analyze antibunching of the phonon field in an optomechanical oscillator employing the membrane-in-the-middle geometry. More specifically, a single-mode mechanical oscillator is quadratically coupled to a single-mode cavity field in the regime in which the cavity dissipation is a dominant source of damping, and adiabatic elimination of the cavity field leads to an effective cubic nonlinearity for the mechanics. We show analytically in the weak coupling regime that the mechanics displays a chaotic phonon field for small optomechanical cooperativity, whereas an antibunched single-phonon field appears for large optomechanical cooperativity. This opens the door to control of the second-order correlation function of a mechanical oscillator in the weak coupling regime.